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I called the Latham store to ask about tires. Was put on hold for over 15 mins.

Finally was told to come down they could set me up. Get there. Stood at the counter for a half HR. Nobody at the desk it to be found.

This one guy working close to the store door. Kept shaking his head. Cause God only knows where the counter person was. And apologize to me.

The worker not the person at the desk. So kiddos to him. Anyways. The sales manager I'm assuming had a white shirt on and was rude as can be.

Like I was bothering him. That's poor business. Anyways. I said I'm looking to have some tires put on the car.

Then says to me after I called and he said come on down. Was there in 15 mins. And says to me. We're to busy.

Can't do it today. It was 3:00 pm. 3 cars in the bay. A woman standing behind me.

Looks ate him I'm assuming she was wanting tires also. Left in disgust. It was just horrible from the phone call and time I was there. Did I mention I was kept waiting at the counter with no one there.

They need better management there. Maybe the guy that was changing the tires in the black caddy should be the manager since he was so nice and kept saying he was sorry.

Which he truly was and went back to work and kept shaking his head. So I can't even give this place a one star.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mathis Tire Customer Care.

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