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I have been a loyal customer of Mathis Tire for almost 10 years. I experienced the absolute worst customer service that I have ever encountered on today August 27, 2016. I took my car to the Park Avenue location Memphis, Tennessee at about 1:30p.m for a simple wheel alignment. I purchased the lifetime alignment package a while ago so I periodically get my tires aligned no big deal, it usually takes about 20-30 minutes. This time I was told it would be about an hour an a half. I said okay and went across the street to do some shopping to pass the time. I came back about two hours later and found that my car was in the same spot, it had never been moved. I spoke to the salesman Joshua and reminded him of the timeframe that I was quoted.

I was told that my car was next and that there was only one alignment machine. I was a little perturbed but I said okay and I went back across the street to shop another 40 minutes. I came back and my car still had not moved. I asked Frank why was my car still not finished. They gave me the same story that my car was next and they had only one alignment machine. Now it's about 4:15pm. I have waited since 1:30p.m. I expressed to Frank how inconvenient and inconsiderate they had been of my time. I had an engagement to attend and I was unable to make the event on time. I asked for a complimentary oil change for my inconvenience. I was told no they could not do that. I could not believe the pure lack of concern or consideration for my time or the long term relationship that I had with this company.

About 4:30pm Frank comes over and ask did I still want my alignment. I looked at him and asked was he seriously asking me that seeing that I had been there since 1:30pm. waiting on this infamous alignment to be completed. When my car was finally finished Joshua told me that my total was $103.95. I told him he must be mistaken because I have the lifetime alignment package. He had forgotten already that he discussed this with me upon my initial arrival while he was so diligently trying to sell me the lifetime oil change and balance package. If he had been as diligent about getting my car serviced, I would have never encountered this issue.

The most disturbing and hilarious part was they would have actually charged me the full price when I waited literally 4 hours for this alignment. I will never take my car to this establishment again and I will make sure to tell anyone I know that they provide the absolute worst customer service this side of the Mississippi. The salesman and the management team suck at this location. There needs to be some serious customer service and time management training provided so that this incompetent location doesn't bring the whole Mathis name to Squat!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mathis Tire Car Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want my next two oil changes to be free .

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Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1230803

I am an employee of this store and I first want to say there is no excuse for that and I apologize. Unfortunately, some alignments take longer than others but that is still no reason that is should have lasted this long and especially with no communication from the store to update you on your cars progress.

I can tell you that Josh was rather new to the company and Frank had just been put into a management position as well. Again, not to justify or condone their lack of response, but just to make you aware. I am back at this location now and I would love for you to please give us another chance.

I will gladly give you a complimentary oil change and tire rotation because things have changed since I recently returned. Please feel free to call me at the store 901-767-9054 and we will set up a time and date.


Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1217970

The Park Avenue location is bad, but I think that the company management is to blame too, at least when it comes to price gouging. I was at the Park Avenue location today, and I kept my eye on my car the whole time it was in the shop. I noticed that the employees did a lot of time just walking around and did not appear to be focused on getting much done in a timely manner.

to Ms. Tori Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1230805

I am an employee of this store and have been for 2 years. I was sent to a few other locations to help out and I just got back to Park.

There are several reasons that you may see people walking around and not doing what you consider "getting much done".

First of all, there are different levels of skilled techs that do different jobs. We also have to wait on parts and sertain machines to be freed up as well. These are not tools tha cost a few hundred dollars, some of them cost in the tens of thousands and we only have one to use. Your car may have a special oil filter that is hard to find or maybe you have people ahead of you with issues that got there first.

Our techs work hard and yes from the outside looking in it may seem rather different than it actually is, but We know that window is there and we have it there for you to view because we are secure in our employees. If you ever want to come spend some time in the shop and see how it actually works, Id be happy to set that up for you.

Just call me at the store, 767-9054. Katie

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