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I had them replace all of my tires with new ones about 2 weeks ago. They were also suppose to replace rotors and rear brakes.

That was done, but I still had problems with rear brakes. I drove the car back to them and they claimed they fixed that problem then. 2 weeks later and I'm just finding out that they only half fixed the brakes (the emergency brakes were causing the problem). Another mechanic told me they should have noticed that when they did the rotors.

Also, they left the lugs loose on the rear tire from my second visit to them. All of the lugs were loose!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mathis Tire Car Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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DO NOT go to Mathis Goodyear in Olive Branch. It looks like they have all new employees because I've been taking my vehicle there for a long time and this is the first issue I've noticed.

I went in for the $19.99 oil change & ture rotation special, when I left I heard loud noises from my car, I took it back to get corrected, I asked what was the issue & was told they had to tighten my oil cap, go to work & I saw smoke from the engine, called & they said the guys spilled oil but they cleaned the engine the best they could & it will stop. Sunday June 5th- oil was running from my headlight & front bumper, popped the hood & there was oil all under. I have been dialing the number the gave me to speak with Curtis who they said was the president & here it it Friday June 10th & I haven't received or gotten to speak with him. I kept calling the O.B.

location, finally spoke with Chris & he said he was the assistant manager & told me to bring it in Friday & he'll look at it personally. How about I'm here & he's not so I had to deal with Dennis again who is just now telling me that they replaced my oil cap cuz they lost mimes & the only reason he told me was because I mentioned to him that what's on there is not mines. Full of crappie this place, their employees & management. I'm beyond pissed, when I got here this morning, I explained to them what's all been going on & he gone ask me what I want them to do- WTH?

I'm sitting here& I hear Dennis tell a parts delivery guy that the reason Chris isn't here is because his wife makes $40K just from selling makeup so he stayed home with the kids & he really don't need him here today. If anyone has any other way I can get my complaint across to be heard & better results, please contact me at

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